Our Work 1

How We Work

Enduring partnerships and proven expertise

We are a leading Extra Care Housing, Care Home and Supported Living Partner working with providers and commissioners in the public, private and community sectors. We have many years of experience providing innovative approaches in the resourcing, funding, design and delivery of flexible and efficient social and community care and supported living environments.

How We Can Help

We focus on meeting our clients’ needs in seven key areas:

  • Design
    In-house expertise and established supply chain offering a wide range of professional services.
  • Sustainability
    Carbon reduction and practical cost-effective environmental features.
  • Construction management
    Fixed price at the outset or managing an open tendered process.
  • Concept realisation
    Options appraisals to evaluate solutions, risks and test ideas.
  • Funding solutions
    Flexible solutions for clients to own or lease property.
  • Community engagement
    Listening, understanding, translating and sharing concepts and ideas into tangible solutions

How We Do It


We partner with service providers and commissioners to assume the commercial risk and provide expertise over a range of activities.


We combine this expertise with community-specific insight gleaned from working closely with our partners.


Our flexibility allows us to structure projects in a number of ways to suit different models of funding and ownership, always ensuring the achievement of best value and clients’ needs.


By working together we deliver specialist complex property and service solutions which truly meet the needs of those they will serve.


Some of Our Partners

Who are Our Partners?

We work with a range of individuals and groups to develop new facilities and services. These range from Registered Providers, estate management organisations, design and construction professionals and investors experienced in our markets.

Local Authorities
Working with commissioners to provide facilities that meet the individual’s service needs in flexible cost-effective environments that are capable of change, support low running costs and can be delivered with a variety of contract terms.

Registered Providers
Also known as Housing Associations, A Registered Provider (RP) provides or manages low-cost housing and will be the head leaseholder in an Extra Care scheme subletting the units to individuals.

Estate Managers and Commissioners
Working with estate managers and back office providers, to prioritise and modernise complex estates, to drive service efficiencies and savings, whether in new or refurbished buildings.

Social enterprises and local interest groups
Working with national, regional and local groups to provide facilities either as standalone or through introductions to similar groups as co-tenants in a truly integrated, relevant and complementary service environment.

The private sector
We are an integrator of ideas and products and therefore work with the full spectrum of private sector businesses, whether large companies or individual consultants.